Pyropet Candles


Pyropet candles are animal shaped candles with aluminum skeletons inside them. As the candles melt, they slowly reveal their delightfully creepy surprise. Pyropet Candles are the original candles with a skeleton inside them. Get one for a friend… or an enemy.
  • Kisa Black (6 pcs)
    Kisa Black (6 pcs)

    PyroPet Kisa Cat Candles

  • Einar Hot Pink (4 pcs)
    Einar Hot Pink (4 pcs)

    PyroPet Einar Unicorn Candles

  • Dyri Burgundy (4 pcs)
    Dyri Burgundy (4 pcs)

    PyroPet Dyri Reindeer Candles

  • Dreki Sage Green (8 pcs)
    Dreki Sage Green (8 pcs)

    PyroPet Dreki Dragon Candles

  • Ugla Electric Blue (6 pcs)
    Ugla Electric Blue (6 pcs)

    PyroPet Ugla Owl Candles

  • Voffi Berry (6 pcs)
    Voffi Berry (6 pcs)

    PyroPet Voffi Dog Candles